Product Sourcing

Do you have an awesome product idea? Here at Enrych™ we can offer you assistance to take an idea from scratch to a final product.  We can help you fulfill your dream by working with you on your idea from start to finish.  We work with factories that (both overseas and domestic) can help you get your dream to completion.

Here are 9 steps for developing a product, and taking it to market, that we can help you with:

1)    Analysis of the product. Does this product already exist?  You don’t want to spend the time and money developing a product that already exists.
2)    Is this product patent-able and if yes what type of patent can you expect to get?  We are not patent attorneys but can help you fine one to work with.
3)    Find a place to have the product made.  We will source the product looking for a factory that will align with your goals and needs.
4)    Quote the product.  You need to know your costs to see if you can compete in the existing market place.  You also need to know if you have enough money to develop and market the product.
5)    Once a quote is accepted we can arrange to get samples made so you can confirm the function and quality of the product.
6)    Artwork.  Does you product pop?  You are up against others and you need to get noticed.
7)    Production of the product.  We will be your eyes and ears checking the status of the production and keeping you informed.
8)    Stand behind the product so if you have issues you have someone on your side to help you deal with the factory.
9)    In some cases we might have contacts to help you sell the product.  But we are not experts in every field.

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