Doze-N-Dream Separation Anxiety Dog Bed


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Product Description

Using your old pillows, you can create a comfy bed for your pet that has your smell! This bed is composed of two sections: a pillow section and a blanket section, both of which your pet can relax on. All you need to do is to insert an old pillow into the pillow compartment of the bed.

  • Uses a standard pillow – 26″ x 20″
  • Bed smells like owner to attract your dog which may help with separation anxiety
  • Recycle your old pillows and use them in the bed
    Your scent attracts your pet to the bed
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Fits dogs up to roughly 90 lbs or several cats
  • Cats love it too
  • Fits most crates
  • If your pet soils the bed, simply throw away the pillow and
    wash the bed
  • Neutral color fleece to fit in all homes
  • Opens to a 26″ x 36″ bed






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