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Complete Grooming Kit.  The kit includes the following high quality grooming tools to meet all your needs on an average dog:
Flea Comb
A natural way to get rid of fleas without chemicals.  The flea comb has tapered stainless steel pins designed to glide through your dogs coat.  The teeth are close together that will collect fleas, eggs and debris.  To kill the fleas and eggs that collect on the comb simple put them in a bucket of soapy water.  We recommend a dish washing liquid.  This will kill the fleas and eggs.
The comb is made durable ABS plastic with and ergonomic rubber handle.  The teeth are stainless steel.   The comb measures about 7.5″ in length with the rubber handle composing of 4″ long.   The handle is roughly 3.5″ in diameter to provide a comfortable grip.
Combination Brush
All purpose combination brush.  Made of grey ABS plastic head for durability with ergonomic rubber handle in red.  The ergonomic handle is roughly 4″ long with a diameter of 3.5″.  The two sided head is roughly 4″ long and has nickel plated steel ball tip pins so they will not hurt the dogs skin.  The grey PVC bristles will distribute and spread the dog’s natural oils to maintain a healthy coat.
Self Cleaning Slicker
All purpose Slicker brush.  Durable grey ABS plastic shell with and ergonomic red rubber handle.  The ergonomic handle is roughly 4″ long and a diameter of 3.5″.  The stainless steel pins are at multiple heights to pull both surface and embedded hair.  The slicker has a one button self cleaning feature where the base will rise and force all the hair away form the pins for easy clean up.
Rubber Curry Brush
An effective way to shampoo and massage your dog or horse.  Just slide you hand through the rubber strap and massage the shampoo into your pet.  Your hand will be protected from the dirty hair as you bath your pet.  You pet will love these sessions and the shampoo will distribute into the pets coat.
A perfect way to remove loose hair on short hair animals.  Just wet the brush and massage your pet.  The hair will attract to the rubber brush and can be wiped away with a  single stroke of your hand.  Your pet will be getting a nice massage while you will be removing the loose hair as well as debris that are on your pet.
The brush measures 5″ by 3″ and weighs roughly 3.3 oz and is covered by multiple patents.
Undercoat (DeShedding) Rake
The undercoat rake (DeShedding rake) is a great way to remove dead and loose hair that will end up in your home.  The teeth are designed to glide through the dogs coat without cutting the healthily hair.  When a dog sheds the hair dies and becomes loose within the dog’s coat.  You might notice this on the upper thigh of the back side of the dog.  You will see the loose hair as it accumulates there.   This rake will grab that hair.  The hair will collect on the teeth and can be wiped away.  We do not use rotating pins or double rows as they defeat the purpose of the this tool.  You want the friction and you want to be able to remove the hair without restrictions.
The rake has stainless steel teeth with ABS plastic should that it designed to grab the loose hair.  The ergonomic handle is made of injectable rubber to provide comfort.  The body is made of durable ABS plastic to last.
The rake has 21 pins and the head is  approximately 4.5″ wide.  The ergonomic rubber handle is 4″ long.  The rake is approximately 6.5″ long and weighs  about 2.5 oz.
Please see  for a review on our undercoat rake series.
Pet Nail Clipper
Durable nail clipper designed to cut your dog’s nails with ease.  When cutting the dog’s nails we recommend that you cut only small amounts to help avoid cutting the quick.  The quick is the nerve endings and blood vessels located within the nail.  On lighter color nails the quick is easier to see then the darker nails.  If you cut the quick we recommend you use a product called Hemastop™ to stop the bleeding.  A secret to help you cut the nails is to soften the nails prior to trimming.   Bathing the dog first to wet the nails will do this.  The nail clipper can be used on the dew claws also and will work on all size dogs.
The nail clipper has a 5″ ABS  handle that is designed to fit most hands as some nail clippers will open to wide to fit many hands.  The blade is made of stainless steel and embedding deep into the ergonomic ABS plastic handle for durability.    The stainless steel blade is approximately 2″ and is sharp to cut the nail with ease.
Regular grooming of your dog’s coat will keep it clean and healthy.  Grooming can be a great bonding experience with your dog if done regularly.
This is a full set of matching grooming tools.  Great products at a really good price..

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