Nail Trimming Kit – Pet Nail Clipper with Hemastop™


Product Description

Nail Trimming Kit – Nail trimmer and Hemastop™

The nail kit includes the nail clipper and the Hemastop™.  The Hemastop™ is a product that will stop the bleeding.  If you cut into the quick hold the paw firmly, acting as a tourniquet and blot away the blood.  Usually one application is enough but if continues to bleed add another application.  for best results use the Hemastop™ like putty, pressing it into the bleeding wound.
Great alternative to styptic powder because:
1.  No messy Powder
2.  No Hard Clumps
3.  More Efficient
4.  No Waste
Durable nail clipper designed to cut your dog’s nails with ease.  When cutting the dog’s nails we recommend that you cut only small amounts to help avoid cutting the quick.  The quick is the nerve endings and blood vessels located within the nail.  On lighter color nails the quick is easier to see then the darker nails.  A secret to help you cut the nails is to soften the nails prior to trimming.   Bathing the dog first to wet the nails will do this.  The nail clipper can be used on the dew claws also and will work on all size dogs.
The nail clipper has a 5″ ABS  handle that is designed to fit most hands as some nail clippers will open to wide to fit many hands.  The blade is made of stainless steel and embedding deep into the ergonomic ABS plastic handle for durability.  The stainless steel blade is approximately 2″ and is sharp to cut the nail with ease.
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