Dog Muzzle for Small Breeds – (Size 1)


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This muzzle is easy to put on and off so your dog can still drink and pant. It’s made of a strong and secure nylon fabric, adjustable strap with quick release. To fit measure around the widest area of the dog’s nose. Here is some guidance on the fit of the muzzles:

Size 1 – 4.75″ nose – breed examples are Dachshund, Jack Russell, Whippet (small breeds)

Selecting the proper muzzle for your dog:

1. Measure around the widest part of the dog’s nose using a s string or a fabric measuring tape.
2. Place your finger between the string or tape and the dog’s nose. This will add some slack for a comfortable fit.
3. Use this measurement to select the proper size muzzle.
4. Try the muzzle on the dog running your finger under the noseband to check the fit ensuring the dog can pant and breathe freely.

size chart

Important: Never leave a muzzled dog unsupervised.

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