Undercoat (DeShedding) Rake


Product Description

The undercoat rake (DeShedding rake) is a great way to remove dead and loose hair that will end up in your home.  The teeth are designed to glide through the dogs coat without cutting the healthily hair.  When a dog sheds the hair dies and becomes loose within the dog’s coat.  You might notice this on the upper thigh of the back side of the dog.  You will see the loose hair as it accumulates there.   This rake will grab that hair.  The hair will collect on the teeth and can be wiped away.  We do not use rotating pins or double rows as they defeat the purpose of the this tool.  You want the friction and you want to be able to remove the hair without restrictions.
The rake has stainless steel teeth with ABS plastic should that it designed to grab the loose hair.  The ergonomic handle is made of injectable rubber to provide comfort.  The body is made of durable ABS plastic to last.
The rake has 21 pins and the head is  approximately 4.5″ wide.  The ergonomic rubber handle is 4″ long.  The rake is approximately 6.5″ long and weighs  about 2.5 oz.
Please see  http://championofmyheart.com/2016/11/29/dog-product-review-enrych-undercoat-rake/  for a review on our undercoat rake series.
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